Diamond J Training - Carnation, Washington

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We offer base level packages for boarding and training up to our specialty packages for extra off site experiences like the beach, shows, prize rides etc. Board includes pasture with run in shelter, however, we as that the owner provide hay, grain and supplements as needed for their horse in training.

Some of the experiences your horse will encounter while in training: round pen/joining up/ground work, road riding, trails, clipping, trailering, horse shows, beach, river/water, trail class obstacles, herd behavior (experiencing different horse 'roommates'), tying, etc.
We also like to expose horses in training to discipline specific environments like cow sorting, drill team, hunter under saddle, low jumps & western pleasure.

We are happy to work closely with owners to customize training for your horse's needs. While we do not specifically offer lessons for individuals, we do work with the owner and their newly trained horse to make sure both are successful together after leaving training.

Board and Training includes:

$600/month - horse worked in arena, round pen and on the trails, as well as trailered. 4 workouts per week minimum.
$750/month - one extra outing per week to show, beach, cattle work or prize ride (your choice). Show fees to be paid by owner, gas cost covered by Diamond J Training within 1 hour of farm.

Dangerous Horses - Diamond J works with owners facing dangerous horse situations but does not take in horses with issues around kicking, striking, biting, or other dangerous behaviors. We will do our best to assist you in finding a trainer or rescue to meet your needs.

Rescue - When we have the time or resources, Diamond J Training takes in horses facing euthanasia or slaughter and trains them, then re-homes (for a fee) to an appropriate new owner. You will see some horses listed as Rescues/For Adoption, this identifies these special horses we are honored to help.

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Recent News

Diamond J Training helps support local charities by donating training. Most recently, we donated training packages to SAFE and NWESC for their silent auction fundraising efforts.